KoiKiwi Services

A better environment for a better society

Our mission is to spread the message of environment care through online games. It means that you are invited to embed any of our games, on your website, for free. To do so, please follow our technical tutorial. We are also happy to create private label eco-games for your brand and host it on our server. Another way you could support us is by buying a sponsorship. Here are the details:

FREE - Embed any of our games on your website
- We host the traffic, no need to worry
- Unlimited fun for your clients
- You help spread the eco-green educational values!
Private Label
/month per game
- Your logo / branded game
- Cloud service hosted by KoiKiwi
- Improve your website content without a hassle
- Supports your brand as a green label
/month per game
- A marquee advert of your brand
- A link from the advert to your site
- Unlimited changes over the month
- Promotes your cause and brand

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